Summer Vacation


School’s out for summer and several families are making plans to go on vacation.  Whether you are gobonne-vacances-inside1ing to a BBQ, the beach, the cottage or on a family road trip, you should never take a break from your oral health routine.  Plaque is constantly forming on your teeth.  Keeping up with your brushing and flossing daily will help to prevent caries and gingivitis.  If you plan to be out all day, bring travel size floss and if you plan on going for a sleepover don’t forget your toothbrush and paste, as well as plenty of elastics if you are using them during your orthodontic treatment.  Foods such as cotton candy, candy apples and soft drinks are full of sugar.  Try to minimize the quantity of sweets and sticky foods you eat. Drinking plenty of water will hydrate you and help wash away the build up of bacteria on your teeth.  If you play in any contact sports, such as baseball, soccer, or any sport where you can come in contact with another player, don’t forget to wear your mouth guard which will offer you protection from dental injuries.  Enjoy the summer and don’t forget to SMILE!!