Our Team

  • Gina

    Dental Hygienist

    Gina graduated from school in 1993 and joined the order of dental hygienist that same year. She has been working with Dr. Bruce Oliver since then. Her daily tasks are to assists Dr. Bruce Oliver. Gina is very knowledgeable in oral hygiene and gives great motivation on how to keep your smile healthy. She makes sure each oral tools are sterilized and prepared them to custom fit each patients’ treatment.

    “I graduated and became a member of the order of dental hygienists in 1993, and I have been working with Dr. Bruce Oliver ever since. I love my job because every day I get to witness and participate in the evolution and transformation of our patients smiles.”

  • Marie Claire


    Marie Claire graduated in 2011 from school. She has been part of Dr. Oliver’s team since 2011. She helps Dr. Bruce Oliver with his various tasks during patients’ treatment. She also keeps a close eye on the sterilization and preparation of the orthodontics tools. “I graduated in 2011 as a Dental assistant. I assist Dr. Bruce Oliver and I am there for the patients during all their treatment. What I value most about my job is observing the excellent work Dr. Bruce Oliver does and the trust his patients have in him.”

  • Marina

    Administrative Assistant

    Marina joined Dr. Bruce Oliver and his team in 2015. Her great experience in customer service allows her to make sure Dr. Oliver’s clinic offer the best customer service experience in the field of Orthodontics. She makes sure operations run smoothly in the clinic. She is more than happy to help you with any questions or concerns that may arise during your treatment. “I have over 25 years experience in the customer service field. I joined Dr. Bruce Oliver’s team in December 2015. My first priority is to make sure everything is set up to make your experience and treatment as comfortable as possible.”

  • Nathalie


    Nathalie greets the patients when they arrive. She answers call and manages schedules. She makes sure all your appointments fit your personal schedule. She can help you with payment plans and insurance claims. If you have any questions or concerns she will be please to answer them. “I love working with Dr. Bruce Oliver, meeting, greeting and taking care of the patients. I am always there to answer any questions regarding appointments and schedules. I am lucky to witness the changes in our patients smiles, which brings me a lot of joy everyday.”

  • Mélanie

    Dental Hygienist

    Mélanie obtained her diploma in dental hygiene in 2007. She’s there to ensure your dental health is to its best, ensuring your treatment to progress perfectly. She assists Dr. Bruce Oliver with patients’ treatment when needed, as well as taking care of the sterilization and asepsis of the orthodontics tools. “I obtained my diploma in dental hygiene in 2007. I remember the excitement that drove me in the consultations room, greeting the patients and assisting Dr. Bruce Oliver. This excitement still motivates me to this day. I am proud to be part of his team”