OOPs!! a bond came loose.What to do…


ortho-wax1Dr. Oliver asks that if a bond or bracket should happen to come loose give our office a call.

This will allow us to plan time for the repair of your bracket. Often our office can fit you in for a quick emergency repair the same day if you are available. Otherwise place some orthodontic wax over the bracket just so it does not irritate or rub against your soft tissue or cheek.

Bracket or bond failures are more common on the lower arch and often at the back of the mouth. This is the area in the mouth where pressures from chewing and biting forces can be the highest. More bond failures occur in the begining stages of treatment when leveling and alignment of the teeth are occuring. Often a bite plate is used at this time to prevent heavy tooth contacts.

Not to worry just give our office a call and we will help schedule an appointment to either replace or remove the bracket.