Keeping Candy off the Streets and Out of Braces!


Dr. Oliver asks Patients to Surrender Halloween Candy to Raise Money for Local Charity

 Tuesday November 5, 2013 from 4:00pm-5:00pm

To celebrate National Orthodontic Health Month, this October Chateauguay orthodontist Dr, Bruce Oliver invites patients and their families to trade-in Halloween candy, that can play tricks on orthodontic treatment, for the treat of helping others.  Because Halloween treats can damage orthodontic patients’ braces or other appliances, and contribute to tooth decay, Dr. Oliver wants to help patients avoid injury to their braces, aligners and teeth by buying back Halloween candy.  

Dr. Oliver is paying each participant $1 for every pound of Halloween treats surrendered, maximum 5 pounds per person. A matching amount will be donated to the Hospital Anna Laberge foundation charity. This festive Halloween Candy Buy-Back event is open to patients, their families and the community.  Dr. Oliver’s office will accept new, wrapped Halloween candy at the weigh-in, from 4:00-5:00 pm at the Chateauguay office on Tuesday, November 5, 2013.

“Kids and our adult patients love our annual Halloween candy buy-back program,” said Dr. Oliver.  “Parents appreciate their kids giving up their Halloween candy to help others, and it gives us the chance to educate our patients and help them prevent damage to their braces or aligners, which could affect their orthodontic treatment,” said Dr. Oliver. “Plus it is a fantastic way to bring our community together for a great cause, helping the Anna Laberge foundation.”

Dr. Oliver notes that the days immediately following Halloween are usually an orthodontist’s busiest time of year for emergency calls.  He is hopeful that his candy buy-back program will cut down on orthodontic emergencies, yet allow patients, especially those wearing braces or aligners, to have some Halloween fun.  It’s important to add that not all candy is forbidden during orthodontic treatment. According to Dr. Oliver, plain chocolate or soft, chocolate-covered peanut butter cups are permissible as long as patients remember to brush and floss thoroughly after indulging in sweet treats.  Dr. Oliver recommends that patients who are in orthodontic treatment avoid these foods or candies:

• Caramel /Taffy/Bubblegum/Peanuts/ Taco chips/ Unpopped kernels of popcorn.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!