April is National Oral Health Month


mouth-guard1A blow to the mouth or jaw can cause dental injuries. To reduce the risk, you should wear a mouth guard when participating in sports or other recreational activities. The mouth guard is a flexible device that covers the teeth. During sports activities , it provides protection not only against injuries to the teeth , but also in and around the mouth . This type of injury is common in contact sports such as football, rugby, hockey and boxing. But you can also get hurt when practicing other sports such as basketball, soccer, squash, gymnastics, skateboarding and taekwondo. The mouth guard is a wise investment because it offers protection against injuries that can result in much higher long-term costs – not only financially, but in time and suffering. Wear a mouth guard when participating in activities where you risk injuries to the mouth. Choose the model that best suits your needs and your budget. For advice on choosing the right mouth guard for you or your children, consult a dentist or sports association.